Starting a Digital Business

Starting a Digital Business

The birth of Hybriy, LLC (dba Hybriy Labs)

There are so many things you need to know to get started. Or at the very least be aware of.

Reminder: these are specific to my personal business journey, and what I can remember (which while my memory is quite good, it isn't perfect).

Series Overview

It's kind-of a given with starting any business, but the absolute "sticker-shock" of initial startup costs might deter most from even trying.

However the costs are totally reasonable if you're sensible about certain things, such as shopping for the free-tiers and architect your project in such a way that moving to your own infrastructure wouldn't be very difficult. Otherwise you're going to find yourself never moving from the stack you start on, or worse you pay out-the-nose to migrate it to something else.

I'm going to release this series in chapters, because while they're all related to a single application the steps to getting that application to market are easily compartmentalized.

The topics I'll release on are this series are as follows...

The costs of getting stood-up as a business entity.
Intellectual Property
The costs of protecting your intellectual property.
Non-function Infrastructure
The costs of things such as email, email campaign managers, CRMs, etc,.
Functional Infrastructure (Tech Stack)
The costs of technology stacks used for this series specifically targeted application
Effort-Hours (and its mental health cost)
The cost of giving your personal time to an application development, and the mental-health gains and losses and how to structure your efforts to avoid burnout.

... and I will add more as I think of them, making sure to minimize edits on the original series articles, illustrating easy-to-follow addendums when necessary.

So let's begin!