SetPoint/iType – Media Keys

I’m sad to say one of my favorite audio players ever had its sunset notice earlier last month. (OutcoldPlayer)

It was a Google Music Player that used the internal API and its own machinations to make sure the DRM audio is protected as would be on the actual Google Play Music service. 

I’m stuck using the crappy Google Chrome Web Application for Google Play Music again… blek! I’m not a huge fan.  While Google DID make the media-keys Global (meaning if your keyboard has play, stop, next, previous media keys… they should work) some time ago… Logitech (the main brand of keyboard I buy) hasn’t really bothered to fix their obvious bugs in SetPoint.  A wrapper of sorts for the drivers of their devices. It works well enough, I’ve personally never had issue with it outside of Media Keys.

Well I have found a solution that… sadly may get smashed on the next update of SetPoint, but should help folks in similar circumstances needing their Logitech to work with Google Chrome’s Global Media Keys.

There is a file in a directory:
C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPointP\players.ini
and this is where 100% of the magic happens for this little hack of ours.

This file has a large amount of Media Players already configured for it… and since my hack is mainly functioning guesswork you should tack the following edits near the bottom of each [Section]  of the INI file.

REMEMBER: You’re going to want to take each one of those and put them at the bottom of each respective section of the existing players.ini file.

Result should look something like this:

You’ll have to close SetPoint from the task manager or exit it from the context-menu via the notification icons on your Windows Taskbar.

Open “Mouse and Keyboard Settings”, should be a green icon.  Open up the Keyboard menu, you’ll see Google Play Music in the list of media players.

Note:  I couldn’t get the dang thing to open Play Music directly; but this little hack will allow you to use your keyboard’s Media Keys with SetPoint running and should work with both Windowed and Tabbed instances of the Google Play Music.

Now… for Microsoft.

I found that you can actually assign macros to keys.  So using the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, is set the macros to the corresponding files in the
%UserProfile%\Documents\Microsoft Hardware\Macros\ directory.
(Download Zip with mhm files)

Enjoy, and leave comment if this helped you out!