Bio-inspired Computing

Given I have absolutely no formal education in the field I’m in, I find myself constantly trying to better my skills and I was recently made aware of bio-inspired computing.  I have no interest in going to college to waste a small fortune to have arrogant, condescending and most likely falsely infallible people tell me things I already know, to conform to out-dated standards… just to get a degree that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  However that doesn’t discount the fact the material they’re teaching.  It’s some obviously solid stuff in most cases, even if horribly theoretical and relatively devoid of practicality or pragmatic use.

I personally believe it’s most professor’s duty to expose their students to the full spectrum of their chosen majors so they can choose the best possible point of the spectrum to get serious about.  Gently force the scholars into figuring out if they want to write the type of code that makes Operation Systems, or the type that revolutionizes paradigms and creates new ways of doing things with existing technology.  Obviously there are far more points in the Computer Science curriculum…

While working on FlowQL, I found that it’s going to take a bit more architecture than I originally though it would.  It’s causing me to really dig into the type of source-code architecture that will more or less learn from the actions of its end-users and suggest results based on these findings.

I have a few “books” I’m reading on the topic, but some of them are ridiculously expensive.  For now I will stick with programming for the expected behaviors and just write a bit of parallel computing laden with some dynamic coding via CodeDOM.

I look forward to breaking into bio-inspired computing theory though.