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A Web and .NET Developer, Anthony Steiner is currently a Senior .NET Programmer at InnerApps, LLC.  He has just over a decade worth the experience in with Microsoft .NET and just shy of two decades worth the web experience.  He spends his free time learning new technologies to apply to his profession and belongs to a handful of enterprising software development endeavors.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Provisionists, LLP; a small web-solutions consultancy that specializes in PHP modules and custom solutions for mainstream content management systems and forums.  He is also the founder of the Blue Skies Computer Science Research Group; a small non-profit think-tank that specializes in developing new coding paradigms and software development life-cycles.  He is also a lead developer and technology consultant for the joint-venture project FlowQL.

Self-taught and self-motivated, Anthony Steiner used his experiences in the IT industry to flame his passions for the challenges programming/development provide.